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Owing to the coronavirus pandemic, Alokito Shishu Foundation has taken initiatives to create public awareness in the capital. We are distributing hand sanitisers, distributing masks and PPE, providing food for home-quarantined marginalised people. Let’s fight together to save Bangladesh.

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Alokito Shishu Foundation tries to alleviate poverty amidst marginalised rural communities in Bangladesh. We focus on quality education, life skills, and enterprise and aim for social and financial independence. Currently, we are operating a semi-formal school in Shiraajdikhan, Munshiganj in a gypsy community. They are the first generation having schooling facilities in their community. There are about 45 students leading their lives on boats where conditions are not ideal for schooling. Yet, the children along with their families aspire for higher education, so 3 full-time teachers and our team have dedicated ourselves to helping them.
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What is the value of 1000 taka for you? For our students, who are the first in their community to go to school, it is life-changing.

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In operation for just 4 years, we have achieved so much only because of our partner’s support. We need your help to bring the most marginalized people into mainstream society to improve their lives.

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If you have a passion to build relationships with people while helping them, Alokito Shishu is your destination. Our many initiatives offer work in every field of interest.

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